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Pittsburgh, Making, Knobs
I interviewed Pittsburgh Modular about some of the challenges of making modules and the scene in Pittsburgh. Feast your eyes on the company's awesome space, beautiful panel designs and selection of knobs.
software Plugin SMROM is a rompler based on the sound of the Sega Master System video game console. It contains 45 multi-sampled sounds that can be use in chiptune music productions or to ad a chiptune flavor to other types of tracks. For more info about this plugin:
Buchla, Drone, Em411, Listening, Ambient
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mookid: Playlist of entire EP, here... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvOFMvlDggPzB38Tqd22te1uXdEOXmbQn
bogdan: nice @mookid! Grats on the release. I'm enjoying the atonality that resolves itself. Pleasant. Planning to try and get this out anywhere or perform with it or...?
soft: Nice work man.
NativeInstrumen, AbletonLive, WindowsUpdates, ProgramData, Microsoft
There are joyful rabbit holes, like the kind where you can spend hours discovering a new genre of music. On the flipside, there are the kind that have you ripping your hair out trying to find a solution to a problem, which yields yet more problems and searching. In the interest of potentially saving someone else from a similar fate, I'm posting my findings about a particular issue regarding the Reaktor Player 6 (64bit) not showing up as a plugin in Ableton Live.
Error Message "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing" when launching an NI application - Native instrume
MixitChallenge, Browser, Desktop, FRUMyzb, Server
Years ago, EM411 hosted the Mixit Challenge. After a few changes in management and location, participation in the challenge faded out and the last host closed his website. Now, using the Discord chat client, I'd like to revive the challenge.
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karlozfandango: Coooooolll the return of mixit ❤❤❤😀😀❤❤❤
zfigz: ou, neato! will join!
Analogue, Listening, Technique, Track, Laptop
What's a one-night track? The infinite options with modern laptop music production don't pair well with perfectionist tendencies, in my experience. Hours spent agonizing over details sap away the emotional rush of a beautiful melody. So as a new training regimen, I'm forcing myself to complete some portion of songs in a single sitting. These are necessarily simple technical compositions, and simplicity can be rewarding. Trust your ears and stay humble. 3 tracks, modest post-processing.
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Casio, Listening, Promote, Track, Diy
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nicknotis: I love the instrumentation, including the pigeon.
dubchieftain: We live in a small forest so we are surrounded by birds, particularly wood pigeons and have been making field recordings of them. The thing about this track its actually a sample from a bird song LP. I dropped the needle at a random point in the record and got the wood pigeon :)
reehc: sounds great, trumpet and pigeon perfect together
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