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Software, Webaudio, Helloim, Interface, Sequencer
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helloim bamboo, i am an artist/programmer in new york interested in ascii art, zero waste fashion, mIRC, experimental hard techno and melodic speedcore i remember posting on em411 in 2001 for the remix competitions that happened here - it's nice to see it back.

i wanted to make this a general post about Web Audio API stuff - has anyone found any cool synths, or unexpected ways of making music in the browser? seeing as it's much easier to make a virtual instrument now, especially one that works on the phone/tablet, i hope there will be a lot more of these things. here are some cool synths that i've come across..

functional dx7 softsynth, plays midi, source on github

this one has some nice presets.. works microtonally

a full sequencer thing w/ retro interface

this is one i made.. draw your own harp

software webaudio

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bogdan avatar

Hey bamboo, welcome! Some great stuff here, very interesting. Boy, mirc... you're taking it way back, next you'll be telling me about BBS'.

I particularly like ASDF - hit randomize and it's insta-AFX noodling. Fun! I look forward to hearing more from you.

Listening to Belial on your SC, fresh! I'm such a sucker for melodies. *sigh*

Nov 2016
Retape avatar

ASDF is dope! Looking forward to trying out more of 'em at home.

Nov 2016
TomPhonic avatar

hey bamboo, welcome back! I think I was just getting aquainted with em411 around that time too. I got you followed o n soundcloud. nice tunes. I'm in NYC too.

Nov 2016
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