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Electronic Music, production, modular, performance DUDE - miniature 5 channel mixer & more - Youtube
Dude is a portable battery operated 5 channel audio mixer with mini jack inputs and output. Each channel has a dedicated mute button and up to +20dB gain to boost weak signals and saturate line level signals. It is a monophonic mixer but can drive your headphones and therefore its perfect for small portable rigs or submixes on stage.
Moog Subsequent 37 CV Synthesizer - Youtube
Today we are excited to announce the Subsequent 37 CV. This limited-edition redesign of the ultra-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition analog synthesizer is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide, with the first 125 units built live on-site at Moogfest 2017.
Musicproducer, Audiovisual, Sounddesign, Synthesizer, Housemusic VLOOP_013 Summer Vibes ....#techno #house #edm #housemusic #music #trap #beat #hiphop #drumbreak #bass #sound #visual #audio #audiovisual #ableton #producer #groove #dance #soundcloud #synth #synthesizer #sounddesign #video #videoclip #musicproducer - Instagram
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bogdan: Woah, what's this?? You did the music? Visual? Both? Respects for the EM411 shout on your SC, cheers :D
tylth: both! came up with these clips as a weekly series to have something to post on instagram that isn't a bad quality phone recording of a computer screen. i also post images and videos of my two guinea pigs to loosen things up a bit. for anyone interested in music and piggies i recommend visiting https://www.instagram.com/cyprusfuel/
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