it seems highly acclaimed producer hiphop / rnb / pop producer timbaland has been doing a [url=http://nl_hq.Link (micromusic.net/stolengoods/) ]fitts for fight[/url] and stealing and profiting from chiptune artists work...

read the full story (and hear the stolen song in all its forms) here :
Link (timbalandtempest.ytmnd.com/)

it seems he has played back the .sid file, muted the drum channel and sampled the c64 version wholesale, chucked his own drums over the top then taken the credit for writing it the thing is if he had sourced a similar-sized loop such from a vinyl lp you can bet the credit for sampling would be given and royalties paid. sad. i like some of tims work but this is pretty darn shady. he even sold the beat twice!

tsk. tsk. tsk.

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