Link (news.harmony-central.com/Newp/2006/ZU33-Synth-God-Casting-Call.html)

Link (zu33.com/synthgod/)

i really want to see Psyingo in this movie. he truly is a synth god, and the people that buy small budget dvd's about synth gods need to know. i've already convinced him to start making a short video to submit.

the problem is that he's a broke, fat, creepy loser. and he cant afford the 20 dollar submission fee. so PLEASE donate money to him.

here are a few facts about him, for those of you havent had a chance to experience all that is PHILIP BALJEU:

"Grooms" children with quality time, video games, parties, candy, toys, gifts, money.

Singles out children who seem troubled and in need of attention or affection.

Is primarily male, masculine, better-educated, more religious than average, in his thirties, and chooses jobs allowing him greater access to children.

Often dates or marries women with children that are the age of his preferred victims.

Rarely forces or coerces a child into sexual contact. Usually through trust and friendship. Physical contact is gradual, from touching, to picking up, to holding on lap, to kissing, etc.

Derives gratification in a number of ways. Sometimes, looking is enough. Other times, taking pictures or watching children undress is enough. But, sometimes he requires more contact.

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ok its come to my attention that he is actually rather skinny.
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I heard he smells like cat crap.
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yeah i didnt think he was fat. though now im really curious about what he looks like.

psyingo, isnt muxh of a god, synth or otherwise., but i did see one of his synths as the first pic in a 50+ page gear porn thread. if he would just send me my crack i might say hes a god.

lofl @ child molesting though, it was a well executed joke.
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omfg i need to make a film project web page that prays on aspairing artist with extra $20 to give me.

what a keen idea.
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when im not broke im so shipping your crack... with your preffered method of injestion, for free!
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He likes to juggle dead babies.
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LogicFray said: "He likes to juggle dead babies."

lol, we're on the inside of this joke.
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and NO celibacyclub, dont you dare laugh at child molesting. its not a laughing matter!
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i already donated money to him...

now he won't answer my mail....
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If he worked on his flatus-esque snares he might qualify for at least a synth priest, which would tie in rather nicely with his extracurricular activities.
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i heard he was the youngest man in the world.
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Psyingo is more of a minion than a god.

jdg = jabba the hut (or is it... Jabba Deh Gut?)
psyingo = salacious crumb
astroid = princess leia in the hawt gold bondage bikini
celibacyclub = is over there, frozen in carbonite
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mmmmm carbonite
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who's jarjar binks?

oh, i know, don't answer
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good think i dont have fotoshop installed on my computer anymore
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