for anybody who hasn't seen this, or heard the incredible music of 1970s East Africa (nigeria & benin, where it was illegal to play a guitar without wah-wah) ... Tony Allen is the tip of a very big and funky iceberg...
video: Link (tinyurl.com/6gth42)
blog: Link (voodoofunk.blogspot.com/)
visit Frank's blog and grab some of the mixes, they are mind blowing psych-fuzz funk trips.
it's incredible that this stuff is starting to come to light now... thankfully people like Frank are preserving this otherwise lost gold...

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Have you heard Ethiopiques 13?

One of my faves - it is deep and funky, but with microtonal style singing - really expressive and beautiful
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Also, frank's blog, because you didn't link: Link (frankmcgahon.com/musicblog/category/afro-beat/)
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hey Roshi, I have heard Ethiopiques, its really nice
this is Frank's blog:
Link (voodoofunk.blogspot.com)
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wow! this is fantastic! i lived in south africa for five years when i was a littlun... despite the fact that that is only a short period of time, i have been effected by it all my life and my heart warms to africa generally everytime i hear about it / think about it... i really love the sounds of these records, like an african motown! thank you.
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love the ethiopiques and nigerian agfo beat stuff as well, been listening to it non-stop lately
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agfo beat, how catchy, must be afro beat of course...
damn edit button
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thanks man- right up my alley.
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great stuff.

thanks for posting.
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Damn dog! I'm going to need an external hard drive to get all these amazing mixes! This is a goldmine. thank you thank you!!!
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be sure to read some of Frank's tales of digging in shonky Africa
Link (voodoofunk.blogspot.com/2007/05/take-me-away-fast.html)
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the tales are crazy! it's been a dream of mine to go on a tour in africa since forever. i envy the guy.

i knew that i'd like the music, i was prepared to hear some funky as hell tunes but even the first minutes of the first mix i put on were better than i expected. many thanks for this thehydrax.
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check this blog too, for some great African sounds
Link (ethnomusic.podomatic.com/)
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