Hi all! I'm getting started on booking a tour in November and I'd love suggestions for great venues friendly to loud (and sometimes very quiet...) acousmatic / ambient music and local artists who might be interested in sharing a bill in the following cities. Hit me up at Link () or in the comments -- Thanks!

November 16th
Brooklyn, NY

November 17th
Philadelphia, PA

November 18th
Baltimore, MD

November 19th
Greensboro, NC

November 20th
Raleigh, NC

November 21st
Washington, DC

November 23rd
Cleveland, OH

November 24th
Chicago, IL

November 25th - 29th
Minneapolis, MN

November 30th - December 5th
Milwaukee, WI

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damn I'll come see you in min. if i'm not busy maybe mil.
i love Epic in the cities, but there are tons of venues there for EM
Spin is another one you might try.
There was a minneapolis/ st.paul venue thread here a while back, but it's prolly gone by now.
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Cool, thanks! My dream is to set something up at the Walker when I'm in MN, but I have a feeling most of their events are purely curated and not open for submission... Thanks for the suggestions!
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Oh snap I take it back, they do accept submissions indeed!
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let me know the final details Erik

I'll post it on the audiobulb site / newsletter
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u should do a tour de europe
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omg yes! I'm back in minneapolis!
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I think Vital Vinyl in minneapolis should be able to find a venue; they do a lot of coordinating of events / ticket sales, and should also be in touch with a lot of the local artists.
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wtf? hello, west coast!
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see you in chicago
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