I made a waterphone-ish thing. Unfortunately i dont have a welding device nor the intention of getting one, i had to solder this baby. And let me tell u, that aint the way to go (i did not use a soldering gun tho, they might have more power). I decided to go to a welding workshop (for cars, the guy is called piet Link (pietdelasser.nl/) ). and get it done properly, already bought new rods (much thicker diameter), now looking for good cake pans.

So does it make cool sounds? it sure does! Link (humanworkshop.com/durk/waterphone_sample.mp3)

Again; its better to weld a waterphone, but when your in the same situation as me and dont feel like letting your garage weld it, this design is pretty simple and its cheap.

You'll need

2 cake pan's (differing of shape)
soldering iron
60/40 solder
metal cylinder

Make sure you have 2 different cake pans of the same material. One shallow design and one deep design. THe first to go on top the latter to serve as a basin for the water.I used scooter rods/spokes. A waterphone uses much thicker rods.
I used a hammer and a pointy object to punch holes next to the rim in the cake pan that goes on top [2nd pic]. Used the same tools to cut the hole in the middle of the cake pan. Now you can solder the cylinder in the middle hole. The second cake pan is soldered underneath the top pan. Now just solder the rods in the holes you punched next to the rim, and there's you're waterphone-ish device.

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cant edit, so cant upload pics...
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i see pics.


this looks really interesting, im still not quite sure what it is though.
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i was able to upload pics after an hour or so
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squeaky! sounds cool... cool project
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well, I LOVE IT!

I've always wanted one but it didn't even occur to me to make my own. it has now

Great work & thanks for the tips.

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Very cool man!
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Neat, learn something new everyday.
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Very cool... Sounds extremely ethereal!
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thats awesome.. great sound. gonna make one of these soon.

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