Seems to be up! It's been a few years for me. Is this where the magic happens or has the em411 crew moved along?

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Nobody ever comes
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If you wait long enough...

something will happen.
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When the site was down I couldn't remember the server name. If the site goes down again I'll make my way to the IRC.

I was hanging out there for a little while about a year ago or maybe more. There were a decent number of people there most of the time.
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hello all jsut to say this if ever the Link (irc.makethemusic.org) is down for any reason you can also use Link (irc.voxinfinitus.net) im gonna be there waiting for you all specialy you lara and hecanjog also would be fun to get mullet arround and celibacyclub in there for a reunion of the ancient of em411 lol
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