Hello all,
I'm going to be in Ney York from 3rd to 12th of September, mainly for this exhibition of some of my sound art: Link (grahamdunning.com/2011/08/11/loss-shines-a-light-on-what-remains-solo-exhibition-in-new-york/)

just wondering if anyone had any reccomendations of things to do, places to go, gigs not to miss.
And also if any EM411 folk want to meet up for a coffee/beer/gig/jam!

I'll be interested in some of this type of thing:
- free improv gigs
- interesting small exhibitions
- underground electronic music events
- noise, doom, drone gigs
- nice independent record shops
- cheap bicycle hire
- car-boot / yard sales
- anything good!

Feel free to email me at gndunning [hat] gmail [dhot] com


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check out the brooklyn flea market if you get a chance. lots of cool stuff. you can even find some cool records (though the hipsters may mark up the prices really high). I found some sweet xenakis and goldie's saturnz return
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oh yeah and a sweet Shift silkscreened vinyl
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Thanks guys, will check it all out!
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Erstwhile records is having a MASSIVE fest at that time. If names like Keith Rowe, Taku Unami, Jason Lescalleet mean anything to you, then you need to check out Link (erstwhilerecords.com/live/amplify11.html) it goes from the 1st to the 17th or something with one amazing show after another. This is surely the most important event in this style of music in the last 5+ years, at least in this country.
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Flies: amazing! I'd love to see Keith Rowe live. Cheers!
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Man theres always something cool going down in NYC .
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Ha! You mean
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I haven't decided which, but i'll be going to one or two of those Erst events. The Friday 9'th event looks good: Rowe/Malfatti (composition) + Nakamura/Unami. Taku Unami is one of my favorite musicians these days: he always seems to bring fresh air, space, and a sort of irrevence that defuses the occasional stuffiness that characterizes eai.
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the christian wolff/keith rowe set + lescalleet solo this sunday looks dope as well, but i have other plans... kind of an odd matchup. The wolff/rowe duo sounds really interesting though. Man, i would love to see all of these, but i am poor, busy with grad school, and I live like an hour+traffic outside of the city in jersey. life is so very, very hard ( j/k. i am doing really well. )
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Went to the KR solo set on Sunday, really good. Blasts of fm radio featuring 90s pop songs (EMF!); couldn't-have-planned-it-better street sounds from outside, someone shouting "f*ck you, f*ck you! F*ck your performance!"; great dynamic range of sounds and silence coupled with superbly attentive audience; snippets of talk radio about 9/11 on the 10 year anniversary. Great set.

I had a really, really good time. If you get chance, my show's on till 8th October: Link (grahamdunning.com/2011/08/11/loss-shines-a-light-on-what-remains-solo-exhibition-in-new-york/)

I'll try and share some photos at some point.

Also went to the Monster Island closing party and saw some more great bands at a gallery space in Brooklyn. Plus medievil sword fighting with plastic swords and home made body armour, which I wasn't expecting to be involved in when signing up to do couchsurfing!
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And a chiptunes night with a 4 piece band doing dub with nes sounds; californian hard electro-pop with screaming through vocoder; and 8-bit drum and bass act. And circuit bent nes visuals!
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