i love drum machines me...
what are your favourites? + can you recommend any cheap ones? i paid 125 for one of my rx5's but thats a lot of money for me
ive got/did have:
alesis hr16, sr16
yamaha rx5. rx7
boss dr550
ive used:
korg er1
boss dr880
roland tr606
i dont know anything about kawai or old korg drum machines
roland ones are usually too expensive - if im lucky maybe i could get an r8 for cheap enough
id love a yamaha ry30
what else?

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the zoom streetboxx has about the worst name ever but I think that they've got some rad sounds

the other zoom one is also fairly neat. the streetboxx is this except with an "urban" sound set that is ghettotech, synthy, futuristic
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yeah i dont know anything about zoom drum machines - i see loads of zoom 123, 223, 323 (or whatever theyre called) on ebay
i had a zoom st224 sampletrak once- didnt like it- no midi out/thru- data wheel kept moving by itself and ruining my settings - absolutely would not stay in sync with my sr16- that experience has put me off zoom stuff but maybe their drum machines are ok
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not sure, never owned one. personally the only drum machine for me is probably the 909 but obviously I'll probably never be able to afford one. Sample user here
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yeah id love a 909 too
not a great fan of 16 step button sequencing though
909 open high hat sample must be the most widely used piece of audio ever- can still sound ace if its eq'd right
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I went over to this guys crib once and he had two very well bent hr-16's and it was very impressive. They had patchbay's and you could get some of the coolest sounds. Maybe the only time I've ever been impressed by circuit bending. You could take all the cables out and it would revert to a regular hr-16
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the mfb 522 Link (mfberlin.de/Produkte/Musikelektronik/MFB-522/MFB-522e/mfb-522e.html)

not super-cheap at about 240 new but very cheap for proper analog with an in-built step sequencer and triggerable/syncable thru midi. you can even trigger drums live from its pads.

its like a tiny, cheap 808. plenty of boom. lacks some of the controls and isn't 100% authentic in the sound but its 90% there and has a nice sound of its own anyway. i like it more than my 606 (although i LOVE the 606 hats and the sequencer on the 606 is killer)
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im not really interested in circuit bending stuff - i prefer trying to get good sounds out of unbent stuff
i dont think i could afford a monomachine - and really a machinedrum would be more appropriate but i defo cant afford one of those (wish i could)
i cant really consider buying stuff new but maybe a used mfb 522 might be affordable- really not bothered about how authentically 808 it sounds - getting a bit bored of 808/909 drums- although an analogue drum machine would be good to own - contrast to all my digital sounds
anyone know anything about roland r8? worth getting? is the r5 just not as good or worth considering?
how about kawai r50/r100? or the old casio drum machines (whatever theyre called)?
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Machinedrums seem to be getting cheaper secondhand (sort of... especially if its not a UW model) just a mKII yesterday, impressed so far. Not as difficult to get to grips with as I had feared...and the parameter locks thing is great fun!
I also have an old Oberhiem DX, kind of limited in its sound but great for hip hop style beats and more ital disco stuff too.

Like almost everyone I guess - I would love a 909 or 808 but they are ridiclous prices, have you tried the software emulations from D16? they are pretty good.
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i want to stick to hardware for the moment (well its been 14 years...) until i get round to sorting out a decent computer. rebirth is the only music software i use (sometimes (mostly for entertainment))
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FYI, the HR16 is just about the easiest, safest, stablest bend out there. There are instructions online somewhere and you can basically alter only the sound output without affecting the operation at all.
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606! i used to have two of them, no mods, but slightly off timbre from each other.. i miss them terribly now. oh well. such a great little box for learning the essence of pattern sequencing too, i'm glad i didn't have much else at the time (aside from a MOD tracker or two..) .. that was mid 90's for me.
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yeah 606's are pretty cool but still quite expensive + id have to get a midi-din sync converter
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i wanted a md for a while but then i realized that all the cool sounds i heard coming from it were sampled into the uw model. e.g. Link (youtube.com/watch)

the 606 has mods out there that make it one hell of a monster for hardtechno. what specifically are you looking to make with a drum machine?
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oh yeah and not technically hw but the spark is looking cooler and cooler
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kidgamma said: ". what specifically are you looking to make with a drum machine?"


been making techno loops with my rx5 - you can make a good kick out of putting the pitch bend on the low conga or bongo
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