Hello all!

As some of you may know I've been working dilligently at both a full-length and EP for my Piege project for some time now.

Well, today I have something to share with you--FREE you know, like, in the spirit of the season.

The music itself is a far cry from Christmas jams, but I thought it would nonetheless be an ideal time to give some of this music away for you all to hear!

The music in question is an EP/ single for the song "Meter Runs" which I composed for my good pal THOMAS (Thom Gill) to sing.

It can be acquired here:
Link (piege.bandcamp.com/album/meter-runs-ep-featuring-thomas)

The EP contains 3 versions of this song: the original, my own remix (which features trumpet by Miles Barstead) and Thom's own version that he cooked up, refried etc. etc. In addition to that, it features 2 other tracks--another original by me, and a cover of the song "The Downtown Lights" by the Blue Nile which stretches the original eeeelllsewhere. :-)

Hope you enjoy it. The downloads will be free until the first week of 2012. Feel free to share the page on your Facebook/ Twitter etc. and there's plenty of free downloads to go around (500!)

In the new year, I may do a limited run of CD singles featuring this lovely video for the song as well... Directed and produced by Spencer Barclay of Loading Doc Productions!

Link (youtube.com/watch)

<3 <3 <3

ENJOY the music, and your holiday seazzzzzon!

Nick Storring (aka Piège)

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