My wife, bless her heart, just gave me a ticket to this:

Link (adelaidefestival.com.au/2012/music/dreamers_michael_rother_and_dieter_moebius_and_hans_lampe)

Anyone jealous? Or anyone thinking " Jeez, she should have just got him the socks and tie"

Worth it or not?

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I'm asking becuase these are names I've heard of rather than listened to. But theyu sound like they're worth the $30
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sorry sir.. wish i could be jealous, but I too am unfamiliar with these folks. However at the bottom of that page it said: you may also like "Prince of Darkness" some jazz thing taken from the name on the first track of my very favorite Miles Davis album 'Sorcerer' You should check it out.
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live Ennio Morricone is worth 30 bucks alone.
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Dude. I'm insanely jealous. Living legends.
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