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I really enjoy another one of Roberto D Jordan's creations, so his latest Kickstarter for The Yowler is quite intriguing and fun-looking, and at a nice price too. Have a look and support if you're curious. Lmk if you know of other fun indie projects like this. Kickstarter
PIX, Technique, Visuals, FPS, Mashing
i hooked up 'pix' to my twitter account, it's mashing images to generate new images at 15 FPS, automatically uploading a single image every 20 minutes Twitter . enjoy. technique Visuals pix
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dug: just some software i wrote...
bogdan: Open Source? Sounds interesting. Can you post an entry on what it does?
dug: it's not open source, it takes a directory of images and randomly 'mixes' them together using a bunch of different image processing techniques i have written. 'new' pix generated images are also then fed back into the process. It uses the openframeworks as the basic framework (which in turn uses opencv for those who are familiar) which are both open source. You can control different aspects of the algorithms using keyboard commands (switching image directories, overlays, blending options, desaturation, colour addition, channel cycling etc), so it can be used to do a 'performance'. I currently have it running permanently, dumping an image every couple of minutes, and i have a separate python application using twython (a twitter API for python) that uploads the current image to my twitter account every 20 minutes - as a kind of experimental log of what it's doing. currently only runs on windows. An early version was used at a couple of STFU events 10 years ago and rendered sequences were used in Martin Hirsch's STFU documentary. I have been developing it again recently in preparation for an AudioVisual performance at 'Test Card' in Manchester.
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AndrewBrewer: I'm pumped!
Jonas78: It's live, check the entries here; https://www.kvraudio.com/kvr-developer-challenge/2016/#kvrdc2016entries
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Pointed a camera at my studio when recording my latest track. Kinda fun, but weird. Actually recorded a video of making the thing from start to end, but it ended up having no sound. Oh well! Next time...
Retape records #1: 'Cam Bore' [Unreleased]
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murcy: nice man. Sounds like you're having fun. Got more?
Retape: Not yet! Planning on making more of 'em.
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I put up some breakbeat tracks in a bandcamp ep, chickycheck here; Bandcamp
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Jonas78: Can you describe the effect a bit @murcy? Perhaps you mean the few bars of harmonics that intersect the main guitar riffs? Those are just samples, here's a video on how the harmonics are achieved on an acoustic guitar; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPiPW4ZfCt4 . I've cut the samples up in Renoise and added length, filter and pitch macro controls for further automated mangling.@bogdan ; Hard to say (10-24 hours?), at the moment not much unfortunately, but I have done a shitload of little ideas over the years (especially during school days/ commuting)..that don't take much time to elaborate on / finish of. How about yourself? :)
murcy: @jonas78: the first ~7 seconds of Mudslinger. Really nice effect.
Jonas78: @murcy : ah, that is the main guitar sample that is playing all throughout the track, cutupp & effected over time; bpm gradually automated from higher value to set bpm, while the pitch also moves from a high to lower value, filter cutoff, rez & reverb wetness moves around. Basically a bunch of instrument macro stuff automated at the same time :)
Banging out to elseq1-5. Who's in with me? Bleepstores
Autechre - elseq 1 - Warp
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murcy: This Krakow Live starter is so fucking crispy. https://autechre.bleepstores.com/release/64271-autechre-aelivekrakow200914
Retape: Insanely good live show in Oslo last week.
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Listening to Wiley's Eskimo Youtube
Wiley - Eskimo
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bogdan: I see your Eskimo and raise you an Igloo! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SEh8-a2mDF4
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bogdan: Hey Figz, which part is crazy?
zfigz: @bogdan the fact that everyone and their mother is making em now.
bogdan: @zfigz: enjoy it! Pretty soon the algorithms will come up with superior tracks custom made to our brain waves, putting hard/software mfg's out of work and leaving us with nothing but drums made out of cow hides!!!
Still on the hunt for a new ~8 channel Mixer. Ideally I'm hoping to find something with a digital interface (Firewire even, or USB), but I'm dropping the FX criteria as it's really not that important. I'd also like to find something that's not so old, as I worry about warranty. Any recommendations please? ... read more
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quip: I love Yamaha MG mixers. They are built well, sound pretty good. EQ and Aux Sends work well. The pre-amps arent noisey they aren't light (good) and relatively easy to fix. I have three knocking around MG12/4 is decent.
Helloim, Software, Webaudio, API, Ascii
helloim bamboo, i am an artist/programmer in new york interested in ascii art, zero waste fashion, mIRC, experimental hard techno and melodic speedcore i remember posting on em411 in 2001 for the remix competitions that happened here - it's nice to see it back.
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bogdan: Hey bamboo, welcome! Some great stuff here, very interesting. Boy, mirc... you're taking it way back, next you'll be telling me about BBS'. I particularly like ASDF - hit randomize and it's insta-AFX noodling. Fun! I look forward to hearing more from you. Listening to Belial on your SC, fresh! I'm such a sucker for melodies. *sigh*
Retape: ASDF is dope! Looking forward to trying out more of 'em at home.
TomPhonic: hey bamboo, welcome back! I think I was just getting aquainted with em411 around that time too. I got you followed o n soundcloud. nice tunes. I'm in NYC too.
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