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It's been about a year and a half since I released Mix4. Would love to hear all of your mixes so to get the ball going here's mine. soundcloud.com
mix #4
What's your MUST have studio tool? A mixer, synth, plug-in, etc... Myself, I'd have to say my Denon AH-D5000 headphones. It's like being buried in a cocoon of sound. Highly recommended if you ever see them in a shop (or their successors). ... read more
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zfigz: monomachine for me! bought one in 2007 and it's been the brain of my setup ever since.
gorf: The only tool I still have that's been with me since the beginning is Reason, so I'll have to go with that. It's still my favourite tool for getting ideas out quickly- with or without hardware.
bogdan: @Juice: what is it about FL that appeals to you so much? It seems to be one of those tools that has a massive following from a lot of producers. What do you think of the [email protected]: same question as above for Juice - what is it about the monomachine? I see the same kind of love for the OP-1 and I wonder what people see in them.@gorf: now this I get. Reason is such a (relatively) simple tool to pick up. Or at least it used to be. I see it's getting more and more complex, like a more traditional DAW.
Aril Brikha secret weapon... If you like late 90s detroit...
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bogdan: @AndrewBrewer: you forgot to hashtag this with #cardigan. :/ Get your act together please.
AndrewBrewer: need a cardigan for such cold digital synth waves!
bogdan: Guys like this confirm the fact that (at least some pockets of) EDM has reached the wonderful (st)age of being an exploration, like Drum n bass (it still lives!) or Jazz.
The current Craque Shaque. Turntables, ESQ-1, eurorack modular and lots of DIY, pedals and guitars and shit. studio hardware eurorack modular diy
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bogdan: Woo, cozy looking setup! Are you able to crank it up to a decent level?
craque: Yep I have a pair of Behringer Truth B2031's and a modest "computer speaker sub" to round out the sound.
On the lookout for some new monitors (my beloved Mackie's rusted in a flood many years ago). They're a few years old now, but I'm intrigued by the Genelec M030 and M040's. Anyone had experience with them? Obviously the latter are preferable, I understand they carry the bass better. But ye old coin purse is feeling a might bit light of late. What do you all use?
M030 Studio Monitor | Genelec.com
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skab: I had a pair of 8030s. Bloody loved 'em. As with all monitors though, it all depends on the room.
bogdan: "Had"? What happened?
Juice: was 99% sure i posted a response to this... anyways i'm currently using a pair of gen3 krk rokit 5s. they don't sound that much better than the 10+year old eidorol ma-20ds that i used forever other than that they're a little more powerful and can get louder w/o much distortion. they also have a really annoying automatic sleep function where if they don't get signal they shut down even if they're turned on and you have to pump signal beyond a certain threshold to get them to wake up. i grabbed them at a really good price for like $170 for the pair though
Any thoughts on doing Mixits again? How to structure it / where to post audio bits? ... read more
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delete: yes please
skab: Yep, what they all said!
gorf: I don't think I could commit to a weekly Mixit these days but would love for something to happen on a monthly basis. I like most of what @Juice outlined above. It would also be great if we could archive uploaded samples in an ever-growing repo that could be downloaded at any time, even if the current week/month's collection is all that can be used for the current Mixit.
Is there such a thing as a modestly priced, ~8 channel, possibly built-in FX, slim, light, clean-sounding, low power using Mixer? ... read more
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skab: I used its precursor, the one without the digital FX. In fact I still have it. Fuse got fried from a dodgy generator at a party up in the mountains, but apart from that it still works. Looking at their homepage, it looks like the successor is a 12 channel monster with 4 busses. And it costs $800. Boo. Failing that, check out the Mackie 1202 series, can be had for dirt cheap used, although not quite as compact as the Yamaha, they are much more rugged. Be prepared to do some cleaning if you buy a used mixer. I just got a used Mackie 1202 today and I found this tutorial:http://www.musicradar.com/tuition/tech/how-to-fix-crackly-pots-and-faders-219973
implexgrace: it's 12 channel, but i used a soundcraft EFX-12 for years. it seems to be exactly what you want aside from the size. really great mixer.
bogdan: Thanks for the tip @implexgrace. I'll have to look into that one.
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