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Je pose simplement ça l� pour archives
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bogdan: This is very awesome, thank you for sharing! mbc!
5at0: Thanks indeed! Great!
4 mixes
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Juice: great stuff! mixes 3 & 4 are modern classixxx
5at0: <3 enjoying them very much!
tylth: 20 15 needs some kernin'
Switching, Rinsing, Cubase, Groove, Having
New e.p created over the last 6 months...had a revelation with note expression in cubase...which led to switching back to cubase from renoise dabble...note expression means I can easily manipulate groove agent pitch far easier than using audio....something i'd become very attached to after renoise...change in thinking from having a million drum tracks to just 16 max and rinsing that as much as possible...the rest is just synths edited to death...
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murcy: Nice, some interesting sounds here. And I love the pic, brings back some memories of similar weather situations / vibes. Can you describe the note expression thing a bit more pls? Never used cubase.
Bendish: Note expression is basically the ability to modulate a vsti per note. So filter or pan on one note being different to that of another in a chord...or pitch slides on individual notes...only certain Steinberg plugins can do this apparently: Halion, their bundled synths etc or maybe VST3 compatible stuff...its fun. Here's a boring video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqfYm4MzfAU
Retape: Pretty cool that it works in a chord too
Ruminating, Lyricists
I was very fortunate to have the lyricists I have been working with for multiple projects come together and make this song in the same room and ruminating on the same ideas.
Major site update time! I've updated the front page to show latest comments, added a cover photo option to profile pages and team pages. The site has been updated considerably for mobile too, have a look on your smartphone. Also, uploading images has been revamped considerably to make it much easier. Tons of other little bug fixes and updates abound.
LeoMANXVII: Cool sir. Very cool.
dylan: Yay, the #nav-member list options work for me now! ;)
Tinkering, Noodling, Axoloti
Just found out about the Axoloti "patcher" which connects hardware and software for noodling and tinkering - thank you @dylan! Any of you use one?
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LeoMANXVII: No, but I'd like to check it out in action.
jdt79: Yep it's awesome. Check out the after market interface. https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/axoc/
murcy: Niice hardware man.
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99 problems, but spam aint one ...
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Jonas78: S'up gang! :-)
Bendish: Jonas, your track on the most recent watmm comp is great btw.
Jonas78: @Bendish ; thanks, the rhythm roulette thing was a fun challenge, will try to do more random-budget-bin picking next year. Good excuse to step into a record store anyway ;) .
AphexTwin, Texas
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Juice: it was spectacular indeed. finally saw rdj live. met many cool people. cygnus hugged me. richard devine showed me rdj's email address (i already forgot it). got a pic w/flylo. finally saw bjork (who played a terrible mix imo). saw loads of other cool artists. i'm def not gonna blind buy tickets for next year. only reason i made the trip was to see afx and bjork.if you haven't heard anything about the weather during afx's set... it's just beyond words. amazing
Jonas78: ..sounds like the days of overdriven, distorted gig bootlegs are over, quite good recording, will check it.
AndrewBrewer: To add to Juice comments: there were (what looked to be) very cool pre/after parties held by defunkt. i only when to the pre-party briefly but it was great! if only i had the stamina for the afterparties .... however, now I have heard of defunkt! I never new houston could have a strong idm/electronic scene like that! I plan to follow whatever they do next.
Who here has heard Ital Tek's Hollowed? Thoughts?
Juice: i haven't heard of it. is it worth hearing about?
Jonas78: skimmed through it because of this thread, but hotdamn don't have time to proper listen with all this christmas humbug. From what I can gather, proper bass music innit?
Sequencer, TimExile, PWYC
Tim Exile just released an algorithmic loop sequencer for Realtor with over a gig of loops. PWYC but support!
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Jonas78: Interesting, Tim exile is a beast, never heard of realtor though ;-)
bogdan: @Jonas78: google it, I prefer it over Raisin by Propellerheads.
Listening, Track
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murcy: What's the details behind this? You take an accapela or is this a local act you work with? Nice man.
TomPhonic: @murcy yes local emcee I have been working with. intro is a video sound track I found on instragram and asked permission to use. glad you like it. its more of an in your face type sound Ahh! you should check him out. He has beenn working with some really great producers. Kaotic Rawkus
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