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It's been about a year and a half since I released Mix4. Would love to hear all of your mixes so to get the ball going here's mine. soundcloud.com
mix #4
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Juice: mixes 3 & 4 were excellent. served as riding soundtracks for my commutes for a good long while. never done a mix myself but definitely thought about it in the past. have some ideas i'd like to put into action. one day...
What's your MUST have studio tool? A mixer, synth, plug-in, etc... Myself, I'd have to say my Denon AH-D5000 headphones. It's like being buried in a cocoon of sound. Highly recommended if you ever see them in a shop (or their successors). ... read more
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Juice: @bogdan fl is incredibly simple to use even from the time that i was like 15 where my only prior experience making "beats" was dicking around on a korg er-1. if you've used something with a step sequencer you can make a song in fl pretty simply. that being said it's also incredibly powerful and totally capable of making incredibly intricate tracks (see wisp, xanopticon, etc). it's also basically the cheapest full featured daw that's not a tracker. re: push. i really like it and was using it a lot while trying to learn ableton late last year. i haven't had a chance to mess with it in a while so i'm not even sure what the latest batch of updates to live/push have added or taken away. i definitely hoard more gear than i probably should. now in serious crunch trying to launch a new company website for early '17 (theoretically 1/1/17 but i really don't think it's gonna happen). after that i'm hoping i can work a good bit fewer hours and get back into the music making business(hobby)
TomPhonic: I am still very in love with the MachineDrum SP. I use it little for final works, but it is a much different way to switch gears to write a beat in an hour to refresh my brain from the detailed work. Sometimes they end up sounding better than the shit I've worked on for days.
Jonas78: Must have = computer doh ;-) ...software-wise has to be Renoise on the top of the list, to channel protracker & fasttracker 2 vibes with modern vst(i)'s. Hardware wise I've been using 2 behringer patchbays lately which proof to be super handy when sampling from different sources, should have bought a patchbay years ago.
Aril Brikha secret weapon... If you like late 90s detroit...
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bogdan: Guys like this confirm the fact that (at least some pockets of) EDM has reached the wonderful (st)age of being an exploration, like Drum n bass (it still lives!) or Jazz.
craque: oooh i have a keyboard ESQ-1... needs new voice chips tho
FiveStepPath: That is love. Sounds better then I imagined, I want to play with one now.
The current Craque Shaque. Turntables, ESQ-1, eurorack modular and lots of DIY, pedals and guitars and shit. studio hardware eurorack modular diy
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bogdan: Woo, cozy looking setup! Are you able to crank it up to a decent level?
craque: Yep I have a pair of Behringer Truth B2031's and a modest "computer speaker sub" to round out the sound.
skab: Nice! Do you jackue in the Craque Shaque?
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