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Decapitator, Improvising, Emulations, Practicing, Soundscape
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So a little more than 2 years ago my musical collaborator and best friend died. I was heartbroken completely.

I didn't make any music for a long time and when I started to try again I realized I'd never worked alone in the 25 years that I've been playing. I've always been the guy playing guitar or sax with someone else doing the recording and the mixing. It felt like music was over.

Then one day I was in the music store to get something for my 13 year old daughter and I played this digital piano. It sounded really good. I'd never really played piano, that was Rick's instrument, but I bought it and took it home and started practicing improvising on it every day.

Now I've recorded a lot of solo material and am really enjoying playing in this new way. I really miss my friend so I kept the name ohler for the project and I think he would approve.

My rig is all in the box. I have a closet full of hardware, but I keep it all software these days.

Una Corda and The Giant piano sample libraries, Softube FET compressor and A Range EQ, Eventide H910, Black Hole and QuadraVox, Uhe Satin, Waves j37 tape emulations, ableton live, Echoboy and Primal Tap delays, reactor running 6rev, cytomic's The Drop filter emulation, Decapitator, and Fabfilter saturn for saturation, fabfilter pro-C and pro-q and isotope 7 for mastering. I record everything live making a lot of use of Ableton's looper for frippatronic soundscape stuff as well as recording clips and looping them in real time. I record with the monitor off, just using the push, the BCR and a bunch of foot controllers to do everything. I've never felt so connected with the improvising process and I've never had such a good time playing!

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Great to hear you're back in the saddle and enjoying it! Thank you for sharing.

Oct 2016
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Sorry to hear of your loss- that's really rough.

Oct 2016
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