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We join Beats by JBlack (Beat Creator and Social Influencer) In the last of five videos for an improvised jam session. All sounds featured are from the highly acclaimed Soul Provider MPC Expansion (by MSXII Audio) performed using the MPC X in Standalone Mode.

JBlack (Jimmy Stanford) is a young innovative music producer from Atlanta, Ga. As CEO and Founder of Shadow Black Entertainment, headquartered in the Washington, DC area, JBlack provides high-quality rap beats for rap-artists and singers. Starting at a young age, JBlack began building a passion for music and soon began learning audio engineering concepts. Now with the help of social media, his music is being recognized worldwide, including Britain and Australia.

SOUL PROVIDER features warm, punchy and delivering a truckload of classic vibe. This impeccably mixed collection of sounds delivers vinyl-drenched electric bass, chopped soul vocal stabs, gospel-tinged R&B keys, lush pads and much more to your MPC. Immensely versatile, SOUL PROVIDER is going to be a constant go-to for producers covering everything from Dilla-inspired boom bap to the Future R&B sounds of Flying Lotus, and everything in between!

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