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What's a one-night track? The infinite options with modern laptop music production don't pair well with perfectionist tendencies, in my experience. Hours spent agonizing over details sap away the emotional rush of a beautiful melody. So as a new training regimen, I'm forcing myself to complete some portion of songs in a single sitting. These are necessarily simple technical compositions, and simplicity can be rewarding. Trust your ears and stay humble. 3 tracks, modest post-processing. Soundcloud
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4 134 March

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P prhizzm
Electronica, Netherlands, Breakbeat, Etcetera, Europe Electronica, Netherlands, Breakbeat, Etcetera, Europe
Schismtracker, Ghetto, Module Schismtracker, Ghetto, Module
Null Null
Null Null
Null Null
Craque Craque
Downtempo Downtempo
Thenastiestofja, Ghettohouse, Housemusic, House Thenastiestofja, Ghettohouse, Housemusic, House