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Whats up EM411. It's been a long time since I've been around these parts of the internet. Hope everyone is doing well and staying creative. Stopped by to tell you about a cool site, which unfortunately for bandcamp, fills in a feature gap where you can't make playlists on bandcamp. Playmoss lets you make playlists with bandcamp, youtube, spotify, and applemusic songs. It's been great for me to consolidate all of the music I've created in many different projects over the years for a pretty all encompassing playlist for fans. If you're interested in it, check here: Playmoss

The site is pretty cool and every interaction you do gets you points which then lets you unlock special features, such as having more songs in your playlist. They just released an iOS app, which is really dope but will be much better when it allows bandcamp songs to show up on the app. So right now, its just on desktop browser for me. Pretty ok if you have a job that lets you jam tunes while you work.

Anyway, if you've missed what I've been up to, you can also check out my mailing list. I don't do facebook so this is the best way to keep updated other than trying to remember to visit my website once in a while. tomphonic.com

Mailing list: Mailchi

-Tom Phonic

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Hi Tomphonic, it's flies.

neat tool. it's a little buggy on Ubuntu/firefox. Enjoying your toons.

Jan 2020
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