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MixitChallenge, Browser, Desktop, FRUMyzb, Server

Years ago, EM411 hosted the Mixit Challenge. After a few changes in management and location, participation in the challenge faded out and the last host closed his website. Now, using the Discord chat client, I'd like to revive the challenge.

The rules are fairly simple: At the beginning of the month, users may submit samples to be compiled into a pack. Once the sample deadline has passed, participants have the rest of the month to produce a song using only the provided samples -- no outside samples, instruments, synths, or recordings. You are free to manipulate the samples in any way, however. More detailed rules can be found in the rules channel in the server linked below.
You will need to create a free Discord account at discordapp.com in order to join.

The server can be accessed via browser at discord.gg/FRUMyzb or within the desktop and mobile apps by entering the invite code FRUMyzb.

We look forward to seeing you!


5 2 1278 Mar 2017


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