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Superbooth18, Breakbeat, Interface, Etcetera, Finetune
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Thought some of you sample (ab)users might be interested in this, a new project from the team behind Renoise. A pretty awesome Swiss knife of sample examination, organisation and more named Sononym ( Sononym ). It will be showcased soon for the world to see at Superbooth18 expo from May 3-5 in Berlin.

From the press kit;

"Sononym is a sample browser that utilizes machine learning to offer new ways of exploring and discovering audio on a hard-drive - no internet connection required.
The primary innovation in Sononym is something called "similarity search", which enable users to find similar-sounding samples in their sample collection based on any source sound. Essentially, a bit like how google's reverse image search works, but with audio and more control. The software has been built from the ground up to facilitate similarity search, but will offer most of the features that you would expect from a modern sample browser: feature extraction (audio analysis), searchable and sortable file/results views, and a streamlined user interface.
The software will be available for Windows, Linux and OSX. More details on availability, pricing, etc. will be announced shortly."

What I can tell from my own experience alpha'ing this baby is that it works great deep scanning sample collections, automatically recognizing, categorizing stuff like bass sounds, leads, snares, cymbals, pads, loops etc etcetera. No need to browse through countless folders and preview sounds searching for a particular class once you have so called indexed your sample folder in Sononym. Elements like sample length, rms value, pitch, bpm, brightness, harmonicity and more become available for inspection, being able to sort & collect the results and perhaps the most powerful attribute of Sononym; be able to look for similarity between sounds. A search function which you can finetune controlling the amount of similarity a sound should have based upon parameters like spectrum, timbre, pitch & amplitude.

It has offered me a more fun & creative way of searching through sounds, either using it in a deliberate way, be able to look for similar amplitude characteristics of a breakbeat across folders (getting similarly spaced transient results across categories) to randomly comparing sounds, realtime adjusting filters dragging sounds into my daw of choice.

I think videos will arrive soon after Superbooth, check Sononym for more info.

2055 Apr 2018

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