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bogdan avatar

Any thoughts on doing Mixits again? How to structure it / where to post audio bits?

9 7 1123 Oct 2016


Juice avatar

1. assign a manager
2. set parameters ie weekly? monthly mixits? (probably monthly). set start/end date for sample submission. set min/max length for samples. set min/max number of samples per participant
3. samples are uploaded to a public mega folder?
3. finished tracks are uploaded to soundcloud as wavs and dlable by manager
4. manager masters? and compiles releases and uploads compilations under a bandcamp account as free release.

or something like that...

Oct 2016
dubchieftain avatar

I would be up for mixits...it would need to be monthly for me. As for logistics...would a public dropbox or google drive work for samples?

Oct 2016
gorf avatar

I don't think I could commit to a weekly Mixit these days but would love for something to happen on a monthly basis. I like most of what @Juice outlined above. It would also be great if we could archive uploaded samples in an ever-growing repo that could be downloaded at any time, even if the current week/month's collection is all that can be used for the current Mixit.

Oct 2016

I would be into a monthly. Mixit always kept my creative flow moving forward. The time frame and limited samples to work with made it a great way for a procrastinator like me to actually finish a track !

Nov 2016
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