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Howdy folks! Just updated the site with lots of little bug fixes and tweaks, most of which aren't visible. IE, you can now add links on your profile to any site you like, bandcamp, etc.

I'm speaking with some of you via email regarding a couple of outstanding issues. Please let me know if you have any feedback or found something that's problematic.

On the roadmap, I'd love to work on replying to comments and a message system.

Oh, on a side note - just found the backup dating back to 2006 (releases, forum, etc). If the site gets enough activity I could justify the time to work on importing everything for members who have joined up again. Would be quite cool!


7 5 557 Nov 2016


Retape avatar

That would be a blast from the past for sure!

Nov 2016
Juice avatar

nice! when i first read about the update i was hoping it'd allow multiple comments in a row (i was wanting to post a follow up on j-chot's release thread but no one else has commented since i did)

anyways thanks for all your hard work. heard you've got some euro shows next year. have fun with that. hopefully that means some new choons too!

Nov 2016
n9 avatar

The site is so nice to use, man. Thanks very much for all the work!

Nov 2016
TomPhonic avatar

Its great being back here again. I would love having all our old stuff back. Do you have anything backed up before 2006?

Nov 2016
bogdan avatar

@tomphonic: PERHAPS somewhere... but I'd have to do some serious digging. It takes a conscious effort to keep moving old data on to new media as they come out (ie, CDR -> HD). I won't even bother showing my age by mentioning JAZ / ZIP drives... ok, I couldn't resist.

Nov 2016
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