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Does anyone have a high-res copy of the STFU flyer from Manchester, June 2005, knocking about on their hard disk? I'm trying to offer some live sets for Bandcamp subs, and would love to use this flyer as the cover art. Please give me a shout if you have it!
5 214 February 6


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I think I still have this set somewhere on my HDD. Probably from EM411 back in the day. I remember listening to it on a beach in Spain on my Creative Zen (RIP).
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Hey Ochre. BC's image requirements are a total pita, eh? Gl finding! FWIW, I figure it's best to just get the goodies (ie, audio) up and worry about the image later. So upscale whatever you have or if that's horrific, just make a brand new image with the relevant data on it. That's much cleaner and likely more modern. Anyway, my 2p.
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Yeah, that's basically what I've done so far with the other sets. So few images distributed online at that time would have been 1400px wide/high! I've used a live photo as a temp placeholder.

The only copy I can find online is a thumbnail from Phasic's site, which is a bit too teeny to scale up. Phasic

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