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Lookout, Bass
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On the lookout for some new monitors (my beloved Mackie's rusted in a flood many years ago). They're a few years old now, but I'm intrigued by the Genelec M030 and M040's. Anyone had experience with them? Obviously the latter are preferable, I understand they carry the bass better. But ye old coin purse is feeling a might bit light of late. What do you all use?

2 3 1397 Oct 2016


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I had a pair of 8030s. Bloody loved 'em. As with all monitors though, it all depends on the room.

Oct 2016
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was 99% sure i posted a response to this... anyways i'm currently using a pair of gen3 krk rokit 5s. they don't sound that much better than the 10+year old eidorol ma-20ds that i used forever other than that they're a little more powerful and can get louder w/o much distortion. they also have a really annoying automatic sleep function where if they don't get signal they shut down even if they're turned on and you have to pump signal beyond a certain threshold to get them to wake up.

i grabbed them at a really good price for like $170 for the pair though

Oct 2016
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