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Our favorite monthly playground is back!
People from Bastl & friends showcase the hard work in progress & try the new stuff with their live sets! Come and be part of the organic process of the local music scene.

This time 18 musicians will create the music in front of your eyes with modular and other synths.

all times are CET
22:00 Tolerable Silence
22:20 ITA.KI & p o p e l
22:40 Niesner
23:10 Doktor z hor
23:30 1flfsoap & Countess
0:00 Quarz Glock
0:30 Milo
1:00 Heute
1:30 Andels
2:00 Crimson Blade
2:30 Kadaver
3:00 Prozac

3:30 DJs:
hnát the dj
Levi Staniczek

913 Feb 2018 Youtube

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