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Launcher, Berlin, Linux, DAW, OSX
bogdan avatar

Any of you using Bitwig Studio? Curious to hear some thoughts and reviews. Youtube

5 3065 Oct 2016


Jonas78 avatar

Have been on vista for a while and the demo didn't work for it, will check again on this new desktop, curious as well. A mate uses it on his linux machine; Soundcloud , I would like to try it in combination with redux.

Oct 2016
bogdan avatar

thanks for chiming in. Curious to hear your thoughts when you've had some time with it.

Oct 2016
eZbOT avatar

I use it, have since 1.0 and I love it. 2.1 is amazing. Prefer it over Ableton. I control it with the Maschine Jam, it integrates hardware exceptionally.

1 Sep 2017
zfigz avatar

i've just started playing with Bitwig, and so far, i prefer it over ableton.

audio editing seems pretty quick and the ability to view session/arrange at once is awesome.

Feb 2018
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