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We're proud to introduce Tone Plus Ultra, our new artist mix series. The first one is by german Techno producer and DJ Combombilla He made a sunshine mix to welcome summer and to show us his sunny side for a change.


1 Maeb - Lva (Original mix)
2 Gabriel Francischini - U (Original Mix)
3 Uricane - Mashumashu (Original Mix)
4 Alessandro Crimi & Patrick Zigon - Out Of The Bedroom (Gabriel Creole Rework)
5 Rico Puestel - Van Ferry (Original Mix)
6 Rico Puestel - Roja Drifts By (Original Mix)
7 Reinier Zonneveld - Gevorderd Spelers (Original Mix)
8 Bombilla - Couch Friends (Original Mix)
9 Edgar Peng - Lahars (Original Mix)
10 Sierra Sam & Dany Rodriguez - Companero Mio (Original Mix)
11 Laurence Guy - Thinking Of You (Original Mix)
12 Fritz Habecker - Iorie (Original Mix)
13 Moonshots - Please Freeze (Bombilla Remix)
14 Robot Love - Juniper (Original Mix)
15 Bombilla - Blah Blah Blah (Original Mix)
16 Lunakid - Epic (Original Mix)
17 Pontik - Be (Original Mix)
18 Halgan - Intern (Original Mix)

[Released 2018.6.3]

753 Jun 2018 Soundcloud

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