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two notes watmm represent;

"The two notes (c-2 & g#1) out of the first 5 seconds are riffed on all throughout this. First creating some kind of groove using a drunken walk on the samples, randomizing, amplitude, start point of the samples and delay time between onsets. Than creating processed variations using the CDP tool and arranging these in Renoise, running a rough draft of some channels through a Korg Quad, and cutting/processing/layering the effected recordings further in Renoise...to ultimately be rendered for adding post processing in an external sample editor. The riffing on two notes was inspired from a thread on watmm aimed to challenge yourself setting limitations. Of course you're free to bend the rules when necessary "

If you have Renoise 3.1 the song file can be dl'd here;

875 Jun 2016 Soundcloud

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