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Hello em411! I'm working on a computer music system called pippi which is a python library to enable writing algorithmic music. The 1.0 version was pre-release for a long time but this year I started fresh on a 2.0 that takes better advantage of the python language. The 1.0 version has/had a "just-in-realtime" live/performance layer with a command interface which I'm working on rewriting as well, but for now pippi is just for non-realtime algorithmic music.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate folks with some python experience to test and give me feedback on where things are breaking.

Here's the github page:



DIY Code

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I said "folks with some python experience" but I should have just said "folks with an interest in python" -- if you're just starting with python I'd be happy to help with the inevitable tooling / installation / environment issues etc.

Here's a dumb little techno example made w/it -- there are samples of a 909 kick, a 606 snare, and some hi hat i forget where it came from. Comtechnoish

1 Sep 2017
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Awesome, jog, thanks for sharing. Curious to have a look, despite my lack of experience with Python. You gig with this yet?

Are you the wee lad in the pic?

Sep 2017
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