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Controller, Ableton, Game Push Hero 2: Clash of the Abletons - Youtube
Since we released the new version of Push, Nathan Jonson has been hard at work updating Push Hero, adding a slew of new songs, new features, new animations, plus the ability to add your own songs. To test Push Hero 2 we set up two Push units in two-player mode using MIDI Sync and invited some Abletons in to find out who the real heroes are.
Controller, Programmer, Sixtyknobs, Sequencer, Expander SixtyKnobs teaser - Youtube
Yo! This is a teaser for new programmer/expander developed by Bastl Instruments collective. It´s called SixtyKnobs and serves as an expansion module for incredibly powerful LXR drummachine from independent diy synth manufacturer Sonic Potions. It has sixty knobs and it lets you to programm most of LXR´s parameters on the fly. Its great for quick editing and jamming. It truly unleashes the beast hidden in the LXR´s synth engine!
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