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I got a Korg Volca Beats for my birthday and built a modular patch around it.

The much elder Korg ES1 is providing some underlying rhythmic patterns and clocking the whole track (at 110bpm if you must know). The Korg Volca Beats has a simple drum program running, but is being clocked through its sync input by the 4ms Rotating Clock Divider, which invokes some awesomely staggered rhythms and sequences. Both Korg devices are running through a Serge Resonant EQ, whose alternating comb outputs are being cross-modulated by a j3rk crossfader.

Other devices in play are the QuNexus and Koma Kommander in cahoots with a MakeNoise ModDemix and routed into my homemade quad stage CV feedback wavefolder and a RYO Optodist, both simultaneously modulated by a Maths... that's what I'm playing when you see me waving my hands around like a demon infected monk freak. Various other oscillators, VCAs and delays are providing additional atmospheric pleasures.

The audio in this recording is straight off the mixing board, while the video is from a stationary camera. That's me with the beard and the beer.

1611 Dec 2013 Youtube

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