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Download here: Organelle
Thank you to Stella Mozgawa for being a part of this demonstration!
Segmenti Arp records a sample, slices it up 24 ways, and assigns a slice to its respective Organelle key (1-24). It then arpeggiates the pitch of the segment. There are nine arpeggio patterns to select from. The segment playback speed is adjustable and independent of pitch. Adjust the start and end points of all segments and see the changes as they are made right on the Organelle screen! Change the volume envelope of all segments, write a sequence of segments, change the arpeggio rate and pattern, or record a new sample. Jam along with the built-in input--all incoming audio is routed to the Organelle's main output.

See what happens when this patch is combined with FunkBox Drum Machine, a Casio CZ-101, Pocket Piano MIDI, field recordings, and the Boss DR-770.

We included 'Kick Back' (8:52) by Mahogany Marie in this video.
Thank you Mahogany Marie for sharing your music with a Creative Commons license!

217 Jul 2018 Youtube

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