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Download this patch here: Organelle
Record a sample and instantly get 24 variations of it! One 'clean' version and 23 'mutated' versions: one for each key! Resample your mutations to build up new ones!

Each key of the keyboard controls one mutation: different speed and pitch relationships, reverb, filters, delay, phasor, and resorting parts of the sample.

The best part is that you resample one or more mutations in 'Parenting' mode, for all kinds of fun. While you 'parent,' you can also record incoming sound to add to your sound's journey! Repeat the process and endlessly transmogrify your sounds!

As you can see in this video, Mutations 23 works great with another Organelle, the Korg Poly-800, or a Sony ICF-P23 Radio.

175 Oct 2018 Youtube

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