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Propellerhead, Beatmaking, Making, Mixing, DAW

Propellerhead, Beatmaking, Making, Mixing, DAW

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n9 avatar If anyone wants a Reason 8 license with a very large collection of REs, contact me -- I'll let it go for a good price. robb.monncom
zyxt avatar I just purchased a Squarp Pyramid to get away from the complexity of software in general. I love the idea of infinite possibilities that DAW's and plug-ins bring, but I do find that same idea overwhel
Controllers, Electronic, Computer, Ableton, Singing

Vate @vatemusic en el nuevo video de Marasma Zibra para el tema "Dionysus" dirigido por @AngelsMelange.Vate @vatemusic in Marasma Zibras new music video for the song Dionysus directed by ngels Melange.Link in Biohttps://youtu.be/nkO9MPcmnO4#music #el - Instagram

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