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Hello! Glad to see that em411 has been resurrected.

Unfortunately, I don't have any hot studio pics to share, as my studio has been torn down and converted into a baby room.

Due to work and family, I haven't had much time to make music, though I've recently started up again during lunch breaks with my laptop running Ableton Live. I've also been experimenting with Overtone and making some cool noises with it.

software diy

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zfigz avatar

I feel ya, I'm on baby #2. I didn't make any music the year the first was in his womb, but once he was born, I got back to it. We're in the midst of buying a new house, so a studio space is pretty darn important this time around as the last place we were in I was subjected to having my man cave in the garage. I tend to get all my music making in the early mornings on weekends. Wake up at 5am and rock away until everyone wakes up.

Hang in there, one kiddo is easy peazy , especially when they're a baby (and hopefully they're sleeping through the night).

Nov 2016
dylan avatar

I can only imagine what raising two kids is like! My kiddo is walking now and getting into everything, so it's ramping up in difficulty, ha. But it's a joy (for the most part).

As far as making music goes, I am finding out that it's all about time management - particularly getting my ideas out and not getting lost in the details (gone are the days where I could endlessly tweak a snare drum, which may be for the best), and focusing on just having fun.

Any other music making / productivity tips for a fellow parent?

Nov 2016
Retape avatar

I'm not a parent, but I guess Korg Gadget (or something like it) on a phone could work nicely to sketch out ideas, at least, while you're doing other stuff as well (bus, train, toilet, waiting room).

Nov 2016
dylan avatar

Korg Gadget looks really cool. I could definitely envision some toilet compositions using that.

Nov 2016
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