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Here's another take on my MicroGranny 2 MIDI & FX sequencer. This time using an Akai MIDImix USB controller on the Axoloti DSP board, instead of custom hardware. @bastlinstruments @akai_pro #Axoloti #microgranny #microgranny2 #bastl #bastlinstruments #c - Instagram

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Part 2/2: Quick overview of my @bastlinstruments MicroGranny 2 iPad MIDI controller, made with @mididesigner. I'm showing the performance drum pad buttons in this video. Enjoy and visit my website or Facebook for the download link. #mididesigner #bastlin - Instagram

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Part 1/2: Quick overview of the @bastlinstruments MicroGranny 2 iPad MIDI controller I made with @mididesigner visit my website or Facebook for the download link #bastlinstruments #mididesigner #microgranny #microgranny2 #ipad #controllerism #midicontr - Instagram

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Performance, Instrument, Technique, Hardware, Diy

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