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studio, although I have upgraded my audio card to an iConnect Audio4+ recently and added some cameras for Twitch streaming. I work in an all hardware setup and I only use the computer for recording. I am looking to probably get an outboard recorder though at some point. Right now the EMU Command Station is the main sequencer, handling pads, SFX and percussion and sequencing the Blofeld and the EA-1. The Blofeld is used primarily for leads and pads. The Korg EA-1 is running through a Tech 21 Flyrig 5 which adds some nice character to an otherwise sterile sounding synth. There was a period there where I was trying to find a replacement for the EA-1, but the hands on nature of it brought be back to it. Finally, the EM1X handles mono-synth duties, primarily for arpeggiated or acid type lines. It also doubles up for percussion, especially dance or compressed percussion sounds. studio hardware ... more
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flies: looks lovely! !
DInterplay: Twitch channel is https: //www. twitch. tv/sup909/
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