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Listening, Techno, DUG, MIX, Hybrid
dug avatar

a little hybrid mix i did on a recent trip, bits of me, bits of others, full of rum, recorded somewhere over the atlantic ocean.. Soundcloud Techno listening Mix dug

2 3 1374 Nov 2016


bogdan avatar

Thanks for sharing. I love how even though their popularity ebbs and flows like a sine wave over the years, genres like this (DnB is another) have a constant life blood. I'm reminded of Jazz experimentation from decades before. There is some kind of basic vibe that is understood to be the core, and members can tinker and tweak to push boundaries here and there and expand within that context. All quite comforting and reassuring.

Anyway, all that to say it's enjoyable and thanks.

Nov 2016
TomPhonic avatar

Yea I agree with bogdan. It is also naturally fun as hell to jam out on a beat like this adding, morphing, and removing pieces. Never gets boring for the creator. There is also a special place for the listener, I find it great to listen to when I at the office working and need to concentrate. As always, great in a dirty underground venue.

Nov 2016

Agreed. The constantly evolving rhythms and textures in the sound design are classic. When done as well as this, it all sounds fresh. Thanks for sharing dug.

Dec 2016
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