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bogdan avatar

Who's going to Houston's 'Day for Night' party this December? Vimeo

3 5 1452 Oct 2016


AndrewBrewer avatar

I will be there! If enough em411 people show up, we should do a meet!

Oct 2016
Juice avatar

i will be there with my wife. tons of watmm people are going too and are planning a big meet. (fyi i asked this question as one of the first threads on the new site ;p)

@bogdan will you be there?

Oct 2016
bogdan avatar

@juice, you're right, you did, I forgot. I won't be there, I'm afraid. Very curious to hear your thoughts / recordings if you do go.

Oct 2016
gorf avatar

I've been thinking about trying to swing it... So very tempting!

Oct 2016
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