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you watched as i was sleeping
felt sweet enough to let me lie
connected when we're dreaming
in dreams with you i've learned to fly

i really think i love you
and i'm hoping that you love me too
in case you havent noticed
i wish to share a dream with you

i'd watch you as you're sleeping
hoping that you'll dream of me
i lie next to you thinking
wondering what this dream could be

daydreaming of you looking at me
with your soft and twinkling loving eye
this waking state dictates a distance
the child in me wants to cry

babe you make me happy
and i pray i make you happy too
i'll meet you when we're napping
and we're closer to our inner truth

you and i together
dreaming kids that jam through space
two birds of a feather
carving out our sacred space

hypnagogic motions
these moments in love that we've shared
these intense emotions
made me think you really cared

i really thought i loved you
and i really felt you loved me too
it hurts me now to realize
i shared a broken dream with you

night turns into twilight
bits of light cut through the black
pining for that daylight
stuck in silence on my back

further toward the mountains
our pink and blues turn sickly green
paralyzed in between planes
straining out a silent scream

lying with you motionless
this dreaming kid that's so offbeat
you watch me as i'm sleeping
praying that my dreams hold peace.

black shadows in motion
this darkness and hurt swallows me
night terrors in focus
leave me pining for our dream

555 Jan 2018 Soundcloud

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