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Hello! - Here's a soundpack that I've sampled and edited, from an old electrical organ of the brand Farfisa. The organ itself is in good shape, and there's no unusually loud odd electrical humming or the likes. It has a clear, and warm sound.

If you like it, you can purchase it from my online store:

Or you can support me monthly at Patreon, to get access to my packs as they come available: Patreon

The pack contains OP-1 specific patches, and general purpose SFZ patches as demonstrated in the video, that can be used in any VST compatible host, by running the free VST Sforzando.

Also all of the recording files are in the pack. Chopped up for your convenience in WAV format, catalogued and ready to load into your sampler, Ableton Live, Analog Rytm or other wav compatible devices.

I hope you like it.

4954 Jan 2017 Youtube

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