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Track made for the KVR OSC 60 using only NI Massive, recorded in Ableton Live using a guitar to midi converter for most parts.

Synth: Massive (61 instances).

DAW: Ableton Live 9 using only Lives native fx devices on individual tracks, sends and master.

About the track: I'm currently unable to walk properly because of a messed up ankle (skateboarding injury), which is fine when sitting in chair producing music, but sucks in all other areas of life, especially when living in an apartment on the 5th floor with no elevator. Made me think about how fortunate I am to have my limbs intact for the most part, so this track is meant as homage to the disabled and handicapped who have the strength to go through life with a permanent disability - much respect to them, they are true champions!

Russian Corvette: www.facebook.com/russiancorvette

1067 Feb 2014 Soundcloud

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