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Track is a part of the 10th anniversary Upitup records compilation, dl for free here:

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we've gathered tracks from the label's legendary contributors and favorite artists into an amazing compilation upfree for free download, as always.

This album goes hand-in-hand with our 10th birthday weekender party in Liverpool!

Founded ten years ago, UpItUp Records is arguably one of the most important labels to ever come out of Liverpool. One of the first places to utilise the internet to its fullest (its releases are downloadable and completely free), it's meant UpItUp has continued to push boundaries on zero budget. And Liverpool's all the better for it.
-- Seven Streets / Radar

In a city dominated by guitar music, it's heartening that with passion and talent, a group of electronic artist-promoters are able to not just survive, but prosper. Which is exactly what Upitup Records, founded a decade ago this month, have managed to do.
-- The Double Negative

With much of the Liverpool music press lauding the beginning of a so-called "explosion" in electronica, we take a look at UpItUp Records, who have been driving the local scene forward for the last seven odd years.
-- BayTV Liverpool

4895 Mar 2013 Soundcloud

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