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Trying out the new Eurorack Music Thing Chord Organ with some chord sets by James Bernard and the Malekko Varigate 8+ and Voltage Block to modulate and sequence a whole ton of other things.

The Music Thing Chord Organ is loaded with one of the chord sets created by James Bernard and set to square waves, routed to the Make Noise MMG and on to Mutable Instruments Clouds. A channel on Make Noise Tempi is routed to Rene, the CV out from which is modulating chord shape on the Chord Organ. Tempi is also clocking Pressure Points which is modulating the root note on Chord Organ. The trigger out from Chord Organ is routed to Make Noise Maths channel 1, the unity output sent to the MMG frequency cutoff to shape the chords as they are generated.

Another out on Tempi is routed to the Malekko Varigate 8 which has the end of sequence gate out routed back into the random gate input to randomize the pattern (or drum map) every bar. Gate channel 1 (the kick channel in the drum maps) is routed to a mult, then to Make Noise Maths channel 4 trigger in and trigger in on Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas, with Maths variable channel 4 output routed back to Basimilus pitch input. One channel on the Malekko Voltage Block is modulating the fold input on the Basimilus. The clock out from Varigate 8 is routed to the Voltage Block in external clock mode, so it doesn't randomize with the Varigate.

Gate channel 2 (the snare channel) on the Varigate 8 is also routed through a mult, then to the Malekko AD/LFO, and the Bang input on the Moffenzeef Modular GMO running the Ring Mod alt firmware. The GMO is routed out through the Make Noise Optomix, which is opened by the ADLFO channel to volume shape it into a more snare-like sound. The output from the Optomix is routed out through the Mutable Instruments Warps running the Parasites alt firmware in delay mode, then on to the Mix4. Two channels on the Voltage Block are modulating the specimen and speed controls on the GMO to get some motion from the snare sound.

Gate channel 5 on the Varigate 8 is routed to the trigger input on Mutable Instruments Braids which is set to cymbal mode. Using settings in the Bees in the Trees alt firmware, the internal envelope length is modulated via the FM input. A channel on the Voltage Block performs the modulation, getting the effect of opening hihats. Braids is routed out to the remaining channel on the Optomix for volume control.

The Roland System 1m is generating the bass part sequenced by the Pressure Points and Tempi, routed out to the Mix4.


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Music by Computo

256 Mar 2017 Youtube

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