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Hi, my artist name is TREPANIC, names Conor, first ever visit here, will post some things about what I've been up to and how things are developing. Released a 4 track EP on 247House label a month ago called MIND FOLD and is featured on all the major sites, I am a Progressive House/Electronica artist with my own flavour, more to do and release, after moving house a few months ago I have now wired up my studio working space. It is also my home so I am around my creative area most of the time unless otherwise occupied. The only outboard synth I have/use as a creative extension to my work is the Moog Sub 37 which includes the on screen editor too for audio designing and manipulating it in anyway possible. The MAC ME665 is 16 gig ram and I work mainly with Logic Pro X with a huge personal sample library filling up all the time with anything I find interesting sonically. I write and compose, arrange and master all I do. Am here recommended from a friend and because I am open to see a lot of what others do and hope to share information and discuss anything of value to what we all do, TREPANIC studio

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hey Trepanic, welcome aboard! Put a track for us to listen to from your SC. Can I ask how you found EM411?

Sep 2016
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