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Hardware, Studio, Antonio, Anyhoo, Canada
zfigz avatar

ahoy everyone, it's good to be back. lots have change in my neck of woods, now with kiddos + wife + career.

my family and i are in the midst of a move (austin, tx to san antonio, tx), so living in my folks' place while they're off in their home in canada. so all my gear is currently tucked away in their bar room here below their beatles poster. other than a few odds and ends, this is my setup. anyhoo, lookin' forward to talkin' shop and gettin' the ol' music wheels a turnin'.
hardware studio

4 3 1431 Oct 2016


skab avatar

Hey @zfigz good to see you back. Hope the move goes well! That's a lovely looking studio!

Oct 2016
TomPhonic avatar

Damn nice temp studio. do you have any tracks with the blofeld? I've always wanted one of those but haven't really gotten to the youtube explorations on it.

Oct 2016
zfigz avatar

yup yup, grassnose.bandcamp.com . everything but braction use the Blofeld. i typically user it for pads, chords and just overall weirdness since it excels ever changing / modulated patches. ps i've always dug your sounds, keep it up!

Oct 2016
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