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Teenageengineer, Hardware, Synth, September, An4log
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teenage engineering have really come up with something that seems truly unique among the sea of modules and an4log re-releases coming out of namm. op-z out in september. Teenageengineering

btw holysh!t you need to change your nanny filter because it wouldn't let me post the word an4log because it contained the word an4l lol hardware Synth Teenageengineering

3 6 2499 Jan 2017


skab avatar

I agree - it looks amazing. I'm very excited to see what in can do. The fact that it can integrate with Unity and sequence DMX lighting channels sets it apart from everything else on the market. The sequencing options look intriguing!

Jan 2017

What in the heck is this thing, I don't get it.

I love my PO-12 though.

2 Sep 2017
bogdan avatar

@license I had to check the date to see if it was an April fool's thing, but alas it's not... your guess is as good as mine.

Sep 2017
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