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Coming up next: touch-performance controller for the @bastlinstruments MicroGranny 2, using the @mididesigner iPad app Stay tuned! #bastlinstruments #microgranny #synth #granularsynth #granular #sampler #chops #midi #keyboard #electronicmusic #cool #bla - Instagram

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Now also on @mididesigner for iPad! My new and improved @weareelektron Octatrack MIDI controller layout to get direct access to mutes, solos, scenes, chromatic keys, track volume and more! Get the download link on my Facebook or on nightmachines.tv #elek - Instagram

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Octatrack on steroids! I'm building a @touchosc layout for my iPad to control more stuff at once. It's really cool and easy to set up. Mute & solo buttons, volume faders, record/arm buttons, track/sample trigger buttons, chromatic keys, scene select bu - Instagram

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