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Bandcamp, Marathon, Further, Audio Vlugtig ep, by Boudewijn
bogdan: Nice, Jonas. Having a listen now, thanks for sharing. Some lovely mangling going on, refreshing. Keep at it!
Jonas78: Thnx for checking a look!
Chickycheck, Breakbeat, Bandcamp, Cheers Chickycheck, Breakbeat, Bandcamp, Cheers
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murcy: @jonas78: the first ~7 seconds of Mudslinger. Really nice effect.
Jonas78: @murcy : ah, that is the main guitar sample that is playing all throughout the track, cutupp & effected over time; bpm gradually automated from higher value to set bpm, while the pitch also moves from a high to lower value, filter cutoff, rez & reverb wetness moves around. Basically a bunch of instrument macro stuff automated at the same time :)
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