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skab: I agree - it looks amazing. I'm very excited to see what in can do. The fact that it can integrate with Unity and sequence DMX lighting channels sets it apart from everything else on the market. The sequencing options look intriguing!
prugelknaben: OOooh! Looks great! And hahaha! Nannyfilter!
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listening this new launch got me feeling a bit nostalgic. i also realized it's been almost exactly ten years since i met j-chot irl after chatting on em411 for a long time. i packed my desktop and crt up and drove to chattanooga to play my first show and selling copies of my first demo for $1. i somehow managed to find a cdr copy and ripped it and threw it up on bandcamp so here it is in all of its horribly inconsistent and unmastered glory! ... more
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JohnVerchot: https: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=gmryoUSXazg oh, would you look at that. . . . .
Juice: @johnverchot yeah. . . i thought about linking that but i couldn't bear too. so thanks ; pi did spend the last part of my work day going through your youtube channel though. the cooking episode is a classic.
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MonkeyPlus1: gah!! I can't find any of his x|k music anywhere... thought it was on an old computer, but nope. anybody know where to find it online (the wayfar links are busted)
Juice: @monkeyplus1 @n9 @[email protected] @trash80 yoyoyo. i zipped a bunch of x|k stuff (it was all free i think so hopefully no bad blood). included is the self titled nanoloop album, "nestek" and "baud of passion"https://www.dropbox.com/s/2fu71vwlp46on28/xik.rar?dl=0i also have all of his midines demos that i will archive and "outra" which was a 20 minute midines mix. will try to get those up tonite.
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DInterplay: I hope this isn't a sign of them moving away from grooveboxes.
skab: I don't think it's over-priced though. If you take, say, the mono Waldorf 2-pole and double it to make it stereo, that's, what. . . $430? Then chuck in a decent sounding EQ and 8 distortion circuits on top of that. I mean, it's not cheap. . . but. . . Also, Colin, Gorf good to see you again!